The cause n effect weekly series highlights social causes in effect and studies cause marketing/nonprofit PR and its effects. 

It’s been a week since KONY 2012 exploded over everyone’s feeds and news streams.

How’s it looking now?

Well, it has become THE most viral video in history. But all viral videos become yesterday’s newspaper, last week’s news. Will “Kony 2012” be any different?

We’ll find out soon.

I have mixed feelings about the campaign and I must admit it was quite entertaining observing people’s reactions. I understand and agree with both sides.

The haters argue that the nonprofit Invisible Children shouldn’t be trusted because of its sketchy appropriation of finances and that we are a generation of “slacktivists” who naively believe that a simple tweet and FB share can change the world instead of fully informing and dedicating ourselves to the cause. I understand.

The supporters are enamored by the cause, inspired by the call to action. They don’t care that they didn’t “care” yesterday or even 20 years ago when the issue was uncontrollably rampant. They care now, they’re motivated to fight now. And that’s all that matters. I understand that, too.

But let’s view this phenomena from another standpoint: What lesson does this campaign provide for nonprofit PR and marketing? With over 43 million views in just two days, what nonprofit or social cause wouldn’t want this attention to raise awareness, request donations, spread the love?

What’s the secret sauce to KONY 2012’s success?

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